Ragama Cricket Club RAG v SAR Saracens Sports ClubSri Lanka Domestic T20 2006-07 • Colts Cricket Club Ground, Colombo — 03 March 2007

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Ragama Cricket ClubWinner
6/237 1st innings

MA Sandaruwanb Priyantha6034-83176.47
DA Ranatungab Priyantha3315-61220
RSSS de Zoysast †GYSR Perera b Priyantha2010-21200
SI de Saramrun out (Bodhisha)12-0050
WDDS Pereranot out6133-72184.84
K Weeraratneb Palliyaguruge4517-53264.7
PASS Jeewanthac & b Palliyaguruge136-11216.66
KRNU Pereranot out23-0066.66
Did not batRD Dissanayake, TDD Darshanapriya, SADU Indrasiri
Extras2 (1w, 1lb)
Total6/237 (20 overs, 11.85rpo)
LDP Nishantha403809.5-----
SCA Perera2028014-----
PK Bodhisha4045011.25-----
JGN Priyantha4050312.5-----
TSM Masmulla1013013-----
MMBRSTC Wanigaratne10140141----
RSA Palliyaguruge4048212-----

Saracens Sports Club
10/126 2nd innings

GYSR Pererab WDDS Perera1412-20116.66
GN Abeyratnerun out (Ranatunga)00-00-
TSM Masmullac Sandaruwan b Darshanapriya64-10150
S Dushanthac Sandaruwan b WDDS Perera97-01128.57
MMBRSTC Wanigaratneb Darshanapriya53-10166.66
PK Bodhisharun out (Jeewantha)12-0050
RSA Palliyagurugec Darshanapriya b Jeewantha1612-02133.33
JGN Priyanthac Darshanapriya b Jeewantha1610-30160
GA Josephc WDDS Perera b Weeraratne54-10125
LDP Nishanthalbw b Indrasiri3723-61160.86
SCA Pereranot out621-0028.57
Extras11 (1w, 1lb)
Total10/126 (16.1 overs, 7.79rpo)
TDD Darshanapriya302428-1---
WDDS Perera302729-----
K Weeraratne402817-----
PASS Jeewantha301926.33-----
RD Dissanayake201608-----
SADU Indrasiri1.10211.71-----
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