Chilaw Marians Cricket Club CHI v SAR Saracens Sports ClubSri Lanka Domestic T20 2006-07 • Bloomfield Cricket and Athletic Club Ground, Colombo — 02 March 2007

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Chilaw Marians Cricket Club
7/167 1st innings

PM Priyanthast †GYSR Perera b Priyantha3331-31106.45
ML Udawattec Dushantha b Nishantha01-000
CS Fernandoc Dushantha b Nishantha1113-2084.61
KHRK Fernandolbw b Priyantha4027-23148.14
MMDNRG Pererab Masmulla44-00100
G Wijekoonnot out3621-12171.42
LJP Gunaratnest †GYSR Perera b SCA Perera1916-01118.75
SDC Aravindast †GYSR Perera b Bodhisha85-01160
WLR Pereranot out62-01300
Did not batPUM Chanaka, D Hettiarachchi
Extras10 (1w, 4lb, 5b)
Total7/167 (20 overs, 8.35rpo)
LDP Nishantha401223-----
SCA Perera4043110.75-----
PK Bodhisha302618.661----
JGN Priyantha301525-----
TSM Masmulla3036112-----
RSA Palliyaguruge302608.66-----

Saracens Sports ClubWinner
8/170 2nd innings

PK Bodhishac MMDNRG Perera b KHRK Fernando03-000
GN Abeyratnelbw b KHRK Fernando76-10116.66
TSM Masmullac Chanaka b Wijekoon4031-61129.03
MMBRSTC Wanigaratnec Aravinda b Chanaka34-0075
GA Josephlbw b Wijekoon65-10120
S Dushanthab Wijekoon1314-0192.85
GYSR Pererab Wijekoon25-0040
RSA Palliyagurugeb Hettiarachchi6526-28250
JGN Priyanthanot out2515-40166.66
LDP Nishanthanot out00-00-
Did not batSCA Perera
Extras9 (1w, 4lb, 5b)
Total8/170 (18.1 overs, 9.35rpo)
KHRK Fernando403929.753----
PUM Chanaka4045111.25-----
G Wijekoon402446-----
LJP Gunaratne403107.75-----
D Hettiarachchi2021110.5-----
ML Udawatte0.104024-----
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