Quetta Bears QUE v RAW Rawalpindi RamsNational T20 Cup 2006 • National Bank of Pakistan Sports Complex, Karachi — 22 December 2006

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Rawalpindi RamsWinner
5/172 1st innings

Babar Naeemc Sabir Hussain b Faisal Irfan1200050
Mohammad Wasimnot out8664082134.37
Naved Malikc Arun Lal b Faisal Irfan1410010140
Naved Ashrafc †Hameedullah Khan b Faisal Irfan010000
Usman Saeedc Jalat Khan b Gohar Faiz2400050
Pervez Azizrun out141501093.33
Yasir Arafatnot out4326051165.38
Did not batNajaf Shah, Sohail Tanvir, Akhtar Ayub, Yasim Murtaza
Extras12 (2w, 4nb, 1lb, 5b)
Total5/172 (20 overs, 8.6rpo)
Faisal Irfan402235.5--000
Gohar Faiz403819.5--000
Arun Lal302709--000
Naseer Khan402005--000
Jalat Khan2023011.5--000
Mohammad Alam2024012--000
Umar Javed1012012--000

Quetta Bears
9/152 2nd innings

Shoaib Khan jnrc Akhtar Ayub b Najaf Shah4424080183.33
Sabir Hussainrun out91801050
Nasim Khanst †Mohammad Wasim b Yasim Murtaza3131020100
Umar Javedlbw b Babar Naeem010000
Jalat Khanb Akhtar Ayub3730002123.33
Faisal Irfanrun out1300033.33
Naseer Khanrun out000000
Mohammad Alamb Najaf Shah85001160
Arun Lalc †Mohammad Wasim b Yasir Arafat3500060
Hameedullah Khannot out42010200
Gohar Faiznot out11000100
Extras14 (2w, 4nb, 1lb, 5b)
Total9/152 (20 overs, 7.6rpo)
Yasir Arafat402716.75--000
Najaf Shah4041210.25--000
Yasim Murtaza301615.33--000
Babar Naeem403218--000
Sohail Tanvir302408--000
Akhtar Ayub201015--000
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