Lahore Eagles LAH v RAW Rawalpindi RamsNational T20 Cup 2006 • National Bank of Pakistan Sports Complex, Karachi — 27 February 2006

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Rawalpindi Rams
9/157 1st innings

Babar Naeemc Imran Farhat b Mohammad Khalil91000190
Mohammad Wasimc & b Ashfaq Ahmed4540022112.5
Sohail Tanvirlbw b Sohail Ahmed3823060165.21
Naved Ashraflbw b Sohail Ahmed010000
Pervez Azizst †Humayun Farhat b Imran Farhat1919011100
Nauman Amanc & b Imran Farhat2300066.66
Usman Saeednot out1712010141.66
Yasir Arafatb Sohail Ahmed149020155.55
Alamgir Khanc Imran Farhat b Sohail Ahmed010000
Jawad Hameedc Arsalan Mir b Imran Farhat22000100
Najaf Shahnot out1200050
Extras10 (6w, 2nb, 1lb, 1b)
Total9/157 (20 overs, 7.85rpo)
Junaid Zia302207.33--000
Mohammad Khalil302819.33--000
Waqas Ahmed201708.5--000
Arsalan Mir1012012--000
Sohail Ahmed402947.25--000
Ashfaq Ahmed302117--000
Imran Farhat402636.5--000

Lahore EaglesWinner
3/160 2nd innings

Ashfaq Ahmednot out99580104170.68
Imran Farhatc †Mohammad Wasim b Yasir Arafat87010114.28
Kamran Sajidrun out95010180
Aamer Sajjadlbw b Jawad Hameed132200059.09
Jahangir Mirzanot out101700058.82
Did not batArsalan Mir, Humayun Farhat, Junaid Zia, Mohammad Khalil, Sohail Ahmed, Waqas Ahmed
Extras21 (6w, 2nb, 1lb, 1b)
Total3/160 (17.5 overs, 8.97rpo)
Yasir Arafat403719.25--000
Najaf Shah2.5029010.23--000
Jawad Hameed3039113--000
Alamgir Khan401403.5--000
Sohail Tanvir201909.5--000
Babar Naeem201809--000
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