Karachi Zebras KAR v RAW Rawalpindi RamsNational T20 Cup 2006 • United Bank Limited Sports Complex, Karachi — 24 February 2006

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Karachi ZebrasWinner
4/188 1st innings

Khurram Manzoorlbw b Jawad Hameed3826060146.15
Ashraf Alic & b Najaf Shah7854064144.44
Hasan Razac Alamgir Khan b Babar Naeem1712020141.66
Naumanullahc Sohail Tanvir b Najaf Shah2419010126.31
Amin-ur-Rehmannot out55000100
Wasim Naeemnot out97001128.57
Did not batAzam Hussain, Maisam Hasnain, Rizwan Saeed, Tahir Khan, Tanvir Ahmed
Extras17 (3w, 6nb, 4lb, 4b)
Total4/188 (20 overs, 9.4rpo)
Yasir Arafat2021010.5--000
Najaf Shah403428.5--000
Sohail Tanvir2021010.5--000
Jawad Hameed403418.5--000
Alamgir Khan403609--000
Babar Naeem403418.5--000

Rawalpindi Rams
9/175 2nd innings

Babar Naeemc Hasan Raza b Tanvir Ahmed94001225
Mohammad Wasimrun out1912021158.33
Nauman Amanc †Amin-ur-Rehman b Rizwan Saeed3500060
Naved Ashrafc Tanvir Ahmed b Wasim Naeem5745071126.66
Pervez Azizc Khurram Manzoor b Tahir Khan4025032160
Yasir Arafatrun out32000150
Usman Saeednot out2111021190.9
Sohail Tanvirst †Amin-ur-Rehman b Hasan Raza1611011145.45
Alamgir Khanst †Amin-ur-Rehman b Hasan Raza020000
Jawad Hameedc Khurram Manzoor b Wasim Naeem030000
Did not batNajaf Shah
Extras7 (3w, 6nb, 4lb, 4b)
Total9/175 (20 overs, 8.75rpo)
Tanvir Ahmed2027113.5--000
Rizwan Saeed403619--000
Azam Hussain403408.5--000
Hasan Raza301725.66--000
Tahir Khan402817--000
Wasim Naeem3030210--000
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