Nevis NEV v TT Trinidad & TobagoStanford 20/20 2006 • Coolidge Cricket Ground, Coolidge — 10 August 2006

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Trinidad & TobagoWinner
6/210 1st innings

WKD Perkinsb Monzack1516-2093.75
MJ Belconc Woodley b TA Willett1913-20146.15
KA Pollardc Browne b AE Willett8338-47218.42
D Ganganot out6239-42158.97
RL Powellb Phillip12-0050
S Babwahb TA Willett34-0075
D Ramdinb Phillip54-10125
S Badreenot out65-10120
Did not batM Dillon, RR Emrit, N Ramjass
Extras16 (3w, 2nb, 11lb)
Total6/210 (20 overs, 10.5rpo)
JC Maynard4043010.752----
TA Willett402726.751----
FJ Monzack4046111.5-----
WD Phillip403228-----
DJ Browne2025012.5-1---
AE Willett2026113-----

9/136 2nd innings

KOA Powellb Dillon02-000
ST Woodleyb Badree12-0050
TA Willettb Badree57-1071.42
SC Williamsb Dillon75-10140
JS Liburdc †Ramdin b Dillon43-10133.33
DJ Brownec Belcon b Emrit2630-3186.66
JM Simmondsnot out6547-53138.29
AE Willettb Pollard55-10100
WD Phillipc †Ramdin b Pollard01-000
JC Maynardc Ganga b Babwah210-0020
FJ Monzacknot out212-0016.66
Extras19 (3w, 2nb, 11lb)
Total9/136 (20 overs, 6.8rpo)
M Dillon403037.531---
S Badree301424.66-----
N Ramjass401904.75-----
RR Emrit201718.511---
S Babwah401614-----
KA Pollard201929.5-2---
D Ganga1018018-----
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