St Vincent STV v UVI United States Virgin IslandsStanford 20/20 2006 • Coolidge Cricket Ground, Coolidge — 17 July 2006

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United States Virgin Islands
10/92 1st innings

TG Webbeb NAM McLean02-000
ARN Lesmondc Baptiste b Butler14-0025
SA Hugginsrun out (Baptiste/†James)67-0085.71
CW Walwynb Joseph4033-41121.21
JM Anthonyrun out (Jackson/Butler)1114-1078.57
MC Vitalisb Martin1334-0038.23
DG Africab Martin25-0040
HAG Anthonylbw b NAM McLean310-0030
J Florentb NAM McLean13-0033.33
CA Lewisb Martin14-0025
DA Westonnot out00-00-
Extras14 (4w, 2nb, 8lb)
Total10/92 (19.1 overs, 4.8rpo)
NAM McLean401433.51-1410
DK Butler302317.662-730
KC McLean201608--511
IO Jackson401102.75--1500
DA Joseph401413.5-11500
KD Martin2.10632.761-800

St VincentWinner
5/96 2nd innings

RK Currencyb Lewis1724-2070.83
MC Bascombec HAG Anthony b Weston136-30216.66
ON Thomasc Webbe b Lewis810-1080
DA Josephc †Lesmond b Webbe812-1066.66
KD Martinnot out2126-2080.76
LOD Jamesrun out (Lewis/†Lesmond)34-0075
KC McLeannot out179-21188.88
Did not batDK Butler, IO Jackson, NAM McLean, OC Baptiste
Extras9 (4w, 2nb, 8lb)
Total5/96 (15 overs, 6.4rpo)
DA Weston302919.661-960
HAG Anthony201507.54-710
CA Lewis40721.75--1700
J Florent2016081-620
TG Webbe302117--711
SA Huggins10505--410
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