St Maarten STM v UVI United States Virgin IslandsStanford 20/20 2006 • Coolidge Cricket Ground, Coolidge — 10 July 2006

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United States Virgin IslandsWinner
7/145 1st innings

TG Webbeb Brutus43-10133.33
ARN Lesmondst †Trocard b Ritchie1018-1055.55
SA Hugginsst †Trocard b Eugene5145-51113.33
CW Walwynrun out (Evans/Doodnauth)2529-2086.2
MC Vitalisb Solomon55-00100
DG Africac Evans b Eugene1510-11150
HAG Anthonyrun out (Eugene)188-11225
JM Anthonynot out13-0033.33
Did not batDA Weston, CA Lewis, J Florent
Extras16 (5w, 7lb, 4b)
Total7/145 (20 overs, 7.25rpo)
MC Brutus2012164-710
LA Ritchie401513.75--1410
RA Richardson10110111-010
PR Singh401704.25--1110
L Baptiste201608--420
J Eugene4045211.25--952
RI Doodnauth201206--601
GM Solomon10616--200

St Maarten
10/98 2nd innings

R Trocardrun out (Walwyn)1723-1073.91
GM Solomonb Weston02-000
J Eugenec Vitalis b Weston1210-20120
RI Doodnauthb HAG Anthony02-000
DA Elginc JM Anthony b Webbe519-0026.31
SN Evansst †Lesmond b Lewis3932-51121.87
LA Ritchieb Florent76-10116.66
MC Brutusb Florent01-000
RA Richardsonb Huggins99-00100
L Baptistec JM Anthony b Huggins12-0050
PR Singhnot out12-0050
Extras7 (5w, 7lb, 4b)
Total10/98 (18 overs, 5.44rpo)
DA Weston402325.751-1230
HAG Anthony30812.661-1200
J Florent401824.5--1220
TG Webbe4020152-1310
SA Huggins201728.51-530
CA Lewis1010110--201
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