Leicestershire Foxes LEI v DER Derbyshire FalconsTwenty20 Cup (England) 2006 • Grace Road, Leicester — 05 July 2006

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Leicestershire FoxesWinner
6/161 1st innings

HD Ackermanlbw b Jones53446051120.45
DL Maddyb Welch1412153-116.66
D Mongiab Dean2021193-95.23
PW Harrisonc Stubbings b Botha1810921180
PA Nixonnot out25182711138.88
JL Sadlerb Wagg5541-100
JN Snaperun out2110821210
Did not batJ Allenby, AR Griffith, DD Masters, NGE Walker
Extras5 (3w, 2lb)
Total6/161 (20 overs, 8.05rpo)
PS Jones4-3017.5-----
GG Wagg4-3017.52----
G Welch4-3117.751----
KJ Dean4-3719.25-----
AG Botha2-1517.5-----
MJ North2-16-8-----
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Derbyshire Falcons
6/143 2nd innings

MJ Di Venutolbw b Griffith176--14.28
G Welchc Ackerman b Walker99111-100
SD Stubbingsc Maddy b Allenby5749706-116.32
DJ Pipec †Nixon b Griffith5421-125
GG Waggb Masters27171641158.82
MJ Northlbw b Snape1411122-127.27
CR Taylornot out2423301-104.34
Hasan Adnannot out--1---
Did not batKJ Dean, PS Jones, AG Botha
Extras6 (3w, 2lb)
Total6/143 (20 overs, 7.15rpo)
NGE Walker3-1414.661----
AR Griffith4-2726.751----
DL Maddy3-26-8.661----
DD Masters2-21110.5-----
JN Snape4-1914.75-----
D Mongia2-21-10.5-----
J Allenby2-1216-----
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