Royal Challengers Bangalore RCB v GT Gujarat TitansIndian Premier League 2024 • M.Chinnaswamy Stadium, Bengaluru — 04 May 2024

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Gujarat Titans
10/147 1st innings

WP Sahac †Karthik b Mohammed Siraj1750014.28
Shubman Gillc Vyshak b Mohammed Siraj27200028.57
Sai Sudharsanc Kohli b Green614210042.85
M Shahrukh Khanrun out (Kohli)37244651154.16
DA Millerc Maxwell b Sharma30203232150
R Tewatiac Vyshak b Yash Dayal35213151166.66
Rashid Khanb Yash Dayal18142121128.57
V Shankarc Mohammed Siraj b Vyshak1071220142.85
Manav Sutharc Swapnil Singh b Vyshak1250050
MM Sharmarun out (†Karthik/Vyshak)011000
Noor Ahmadnot out001000
Did not batJ Little
Extras7 (4w, 1lb, 2b)
Total10/147 (19.3 overs, 7.53rpo)
Swapnil Singh10101--500
Mohammed Siraj402927.253-1350
Yash Dayal402125.25--1120
C Green402817--1131
Vijaykumar Vyshak3.302326.571-1021
KV Sharma3042114--653

Royal Challengers BangaloreWinner
6/152 2nd innings

V Kohlic †Saha b Noor Ahmad42275224155.55
F du Plessisc Shahrukh Khan b Little642328103278.26
WG Jacksc Shahrukh Khan b Noor Ahmad1340033.33
RM Patidarc Miller b Little2330066.66
GJ Maxwellc Miller b Little43210133.33
C Greenc Shahrukh Khan b Little1260050
KD Karthiknot out21122030175
Swapnil Singhnot out1591521166.66
Did not batKV Sharma, Vijaykumar Vyshak, Mohammed Siraj, Yash Dayal
Extras2 (4w, 1lb, 2b)
Total6/152 (13.4 overs, 11.12rpo)
MM Sharma2032016--242
J Little4045411.251-962
Manav Suthar2026013--413
Noor Ahmad402325.75--1340
Rashid Khan1.4025015--131
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