Paarl Royals PR v PC Pretoria CapitalsSA20 2022/23 2023 • Boland Park, Paarl — 22 January 2023

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Pretoria Capitals
6/158 1st innings

BKG Mendisc Miller b Shamsi37263751142.3
WG Jackslbw b Fortuin43610133.33
TB de Bruync Lubbe b Adams53478231112.76
RR Rossouwb Adams19131830146.15
S Dadswellc Miller b Jones2570040
JDS Neeshamnot out21174120123.52
E Boschc †Buttler b Ngidi58100062.5
WD Parnellnot out52610250
Did not batAU Rashid, A Nortje, S Muthusamy
Extras12 (9w, 1nb, 2lb)
Total6/158 (20 overs, 7.9rpo)
BC Fortuin403218--941
L Ngidi401914.752-1110
Evan Jones302518.3321821
T Shamsi402917.251-610
FD Adams403829.51-650
WJ Lubbe1013013--020

Paarl RoyalsWinner
4/162 2nd innings

JJ Royb Bosch2116030131.25
WJ Lubbec †Mendis b Rashid2922021131.81
JC Buttlerb Jacks3728040132.14
DJ Vilasc Neesham b Jacks242603092.3
DA Millernot out2814040200
M Van Buurennot out1212020100
Did not batT Shamsi, L Ngidi, FD Adams, BC Fortuin, Evan Jones
Extras11 (9w, 1nb, 2lb)
Total4/162 (19.4 overs, 8.23rpo)
WD Parnell302408--630
E Bosch302618.661-621
A Nortje3.403409.27--860
AU Rashid402616.51-820
S Muthusamy302307.661-630
JDS Neesham201708.52-310
WG Jacks10727--210
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