Paarl Royals PR v DSG Durban's Super GiantsSA20 2022/23 2023 • Boland Park, Paarl — 17 January 2023

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Paarl RoyalsWinner
6/169 1st innings

JJ Royb Viljoen313160023.07
JC Buttlerst †de Kock b Maharaj35274121129.62
WJ Lubbeb Topley57366053158.33
DJ Vilasc †de Kock b Subrayen1291300133.33
DA Millerc Maharaj b Pretorius28194021147.36
EJG Morganc sub (CJ Dala) b Pretorius2680033.33
Evan Jonesnot out661210100
FD Adamsnot out104401250
Did not batT Shamsi, L Ngidi, BC Fortuin, M Van Buuren
Extras16 (7w, 9lb)
Total6/169 (20 overs, 8.45rpo)
KR Mayers10101--500
RJW Topley4043110.755-923
GC Viljoen403017.51-630
D Pretorius403528.751-922
KA Maharaj302719--621
P Subrayen402416--810

Durban's Super Giants
8/159 2nd innings

KR Mayersc & b Fortuin12111120109.09
PWA Mulderc Vilas b Shamsi29243422120.83
Q de Kockb Fortuin028000
D Pretoriuslbw b Fortuin014000
H Klaasennot out56397422143.58
JO Holderc Fortuin b Jones17121611141.66
C Jonkerc sub (M Van Buuren) b Jones1213171092.3
KA Maharajc Roy b Jones17101630170
GC Viljoenc Miller b Jones012000
P Subrayennot out67130085.71
Did not batRJW Topley, CJ Dala
Extras10 (7w, 9lb)
Total8/159 (20 overs, 7.95rpo)
BC Fortuin401433.5--1510
WJ Lubbe1013013--111
L Ngidi403308.253-821
T Shamsi4040110--532
FD Adams302508.33--530
Evan Jones4032485-711
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