Wellington Blaze WEL v AUC Auckland HeartsNew Zealand Cricket Women's Twenty20 2022 • Basin Reserve, Wellington — 05 February 2023

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Auckland HeartsWinner
6/131 1st innings

S Shahric Knott b Kasperek30222260136.36
Anna Browningc Burns b Singh023000
BG Armstrongc King b Kasperek1217311070.58
Prue Cattonc King b Kasperek2022342090.9
IC Gazest †McFadyen b Knott2024272083.33
SE Bowdennot out28192540147.36
HR Huddlestonc †McFadyen b Knott11111310100
KT Perkinsnot out33600100
Did not batAT Hucker, Josie Penfold, Parr-Thomson
Extras7 (6w, 1lb)
Total6/131 (20 overs, 6.55rpo)
MP Singh301615.331-000
Nicole Baird402406--000
Xara Jetly3018062-000
Charli Knott302929.66--000
LM Kasperek402235.5--000
CR King3021071-000

Wellington Blaze
10/87 2nd innings

RM Burnsc Perkins b Parr-Thomson3536445097.22
JT McFadyenb Browning4571080
Charli Knottc Armstrong b Browning312150025
LM Kasperekc Browning b Penfold1920402095
L Harrisc Hucker b Huddleston97820128.57
CR Kingrun out (Bowden)3560060
Kate Chandlerc & b Penfold1360033.33
Olivia Boivinlbw b Huddleston510110050
Xara Jetlyb Penfold3450075
Nicole Bairdc Huddleston b Penfold1220050
MP Singhnot out001000
Extras4 (6w, 1lb)
Total10/87 (17.2 overs, 5.01rpo)
HR Huddleston3.201424.21-1320
Anna Browning401824.5--1210
AT Hucker302508.331-630
Josie Penfold402345.75--1340
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