Zimbabwe ZIM v NED NetherlandsICC Men's T20 World Cup Qualifier 2022 • Queens Sports Club, Bulawayo — 17 July 2022

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10/132 1st innings

RW Chakabvalbw b de Leede2716022168.75
CR Ervineb van Beek108020125
SC Williamsc de Leede b Shariz Ahmad2825030112
Wesley Madheverec van Beek b Pringle91001090
Sikandar Razalbw b van Beek1914011135.71
M Shumbac †Edwards b van Beek1300033.33
RP Burlrun out (van Beek/†Edwards)1511020136.36
T Munyongab de Leede71300053.84
LM Jongwelbw b van Meekeren6900066.66
WP Masakadzac †Edwards b Klaassen4800050
R Ngaravanot out11000100
Extras5 (3w, 1lb, 1b)
Total10/132 (19.3 overs, 6.76rpo)
FJ Klaassen3.302918.28--000
Tim Pringle402115.25--000
LV van Beek411834.51-000
PA van Meekeren301715.66--000
BFW de Leede301926.332-000
Shariz Ahmad2026113--000

10/95 2nd innings

MP O'Dowdlbw b Madhevere1212011100
SJ Myburghlbw b Sikandar Raza222400291.66
BFW de Leedelbw b Madhevere1200050
TLW Cooperrun out (Shumba)91201075
S Edwardsc Ngarava b Williams71000070
AT Nidamanurulbw b Ngarava212700177.77
LV van Beekb Sikandar Raza030000
Tim Pringleb Sikandar Raza4900044.44
FJ Klaassenlbw b Sikandar Raza010000
PA van Meekerenc Shumba b Jongwe109001111.11
Shariz Ahmadnot out11000100
Extras8 (3w, 1lb, 1b)
Total10/95 (18.2 overs, 5.18rpo)
Wesley Madhevere3015251-000
WP Masakadza302508.331-000
R Ngarava1.20816--000
SC Williams401012.5--000
Sikandar Raza41842--000
RP Burl201909.51-000
LM Jongwe106161-000
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