Nigeria NIG v TZN TanzaniaICC Men's T20 World Cup Africa Region Qualifier 2021 • Integrated Polytechnic Regional Centre, Kigali City — 20 November 2021

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7/136 1st innings

AR Patwac Ayannaike b Mohameed Taiwo1315282086.66
Ivan Selemanic Gim b Aho1391930144.44
Arshan Jasanirun out (Abdulkareem/†Shreshta)2125361184
Omary Kitundab Adedeji615200040
Kassim Nassoronot out40255322160
Jitin Singhlbw b Adedeji1230050
Harsheed Chohanlbw b Akachukwu2350066.66
Ally Kimotec Aho b Okpe32243140133.33
SanjayKumar Thakornot out22600100
Did not batZR Jaboneke, Jatinkumar Darji
Extras6 (2w, 2lb, 2b)
Total7/136 (20 overs, 6.8rpo)
Prosper Useni108081-000
S Adedeji402025--000
Mohameed Taiwo402817--000
Peter Aho301414.66--000
IO Okpe402917.25--000
Ridwan Abdulkareem10808--000
CM Akachukwu302518.33--000

10/67 2nd innings

Samuel Mbab Darji23222450104.54
Ashmit Shreshtac Jabeneke b Thakor4661066.66
AJ Ayannaikest †Kitunda b Thakor011000
S Adedejic Jabeneke b Kimote1214211085.71
D Gimc †Kitunda b Darji2590040
IO Okpeb Darji38120037.5
Ridwan Abdulkareemst †Kitunda b Thakor712111058.33
Peter Ahob Darji75710140
Mohameed Taiworun out (Jitin Singh/Nassoro)2590040
CM Akachukwurun out (Patwa/†Kitunda)043000
Prosper Useninot out1230050
Extras6 (2w, 2lb, 2b)
Total10/67 (14 overs, 4.78rpo)
SanjayKumar Thakor403037.52-000
Kassim Nassoro301304.33--000
Ally Kimote301314.33--000
Jatinkumar Darji401042.51-000
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