Central Punjab (Pakistan) CPNJB v SPNJB Southern Punjab (Pakistan)National T20 Cup 2021 • Gaddafi Stadium, Lahore — 07 October 2021

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Central Punjab (Pakistan)
9/154 1st innings

Kamran Akmallbw b Aamer Yamin040000
Mohammad Akhlaqb Naseem Shah73801233.33
Hussain Talatc Khushdil Shah b Mohammad Imran6847063144.68
Saif Badarc Zia-ul-Haq b Aamer Yamin1191820122.22
Shoaib Malikc Khushdil Shah b Zia-ul-Haq2624011108.33
Qasim Akramc Hassan Khan b Zia-ul-Haq011000
Fahim Ashraflbw b Zia-ul-Haq34110075
Hasan Alib Mohammad Imran118901137.5
Wahab Riazc Khushdil Shah b Zia-ul-Haq46230066.66
Zafar Goharnot out81100072.72
Waqas Maqsoodnot out55800100
Extras11 (8w, 2nb, 1lb)
Total9/154 (20 overs, 7.7rpo)
Aamer Yamin402225.5-1000
Naseem Shah402716.75-1000
Agha Salman108082-000
Umer Khan201708.5--000
Hasan Khan1015015--000
Mohammad Imran402426--000

Southern Punjab (Pakistan)Winner
4/157 2nd innings

Zeeshan Ashrafc †Kamran Akmal b Waqas Maqsood35100060
Tayyab Tahirc Wahab Riaz b Waqas Maqsood68529282130.76
Agha Salmanc Shoaib Malik b Faheem Ashraf1350033.33
Mohammad Imranc Hasan Ali b Zafar Gohar24172431141.17
Khushdil Shahnot out51365380141.66
Aamer Yaminnot out11200100
Did not batZia-ul-Haq, Hasan Khan, Umer Khan, Azam Khan, Naseem Shah
Extras9 (8w, 2nb, 1lb)
Total4/157 (19 overs, 8.26rpo)
Fahim Ashraf403518.754-000
Waqas Maqsood4042210.51-000
Hasan Ali403909.751-000
Wahab Riaz401804.5--000
Zafar Gohar201517.5--000
Hussain Talat10606--000
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