Baluchistan BAL v CPNJB Central Punjab (Pakistan)National T20 Cup 2021 • Gaddafi Stadium, Lahore — 10 October 2021

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7/162 1st innings

Abdullah Shafiquec Sameen Gul b Muhammad Faizan6042034142.85
Abdul Bangalzaib Sameen Gul1300033.33
Imam-ul-Haqc Ahmed Safi Abdullah b Sameen Gul6801075
Haris Sohailb Muhammad Faizan81401057.14
Sohail Aktharc Faheem Ashraf b Ahmed Safi Abdullah91101081.81
Hidayatullahc Ahmed Shehzad b Qasim Akram91002090
Amad Buttnot out4327023159.25
Umaid Asifc Muhammad Faizan b Sameen Gul155002300
Did not batKashif Bhatti, Junaid Khan, Taj Wali
Extras11 (11w)
Total7/162 (20 overs, 8.1rpo)
Fahim Ashraf3042014--000
Sameen Gul4120352-000
Wahab Riaz301705.66--000
Muhammad Faizan403027.51-000
Ahmed Safi Abdullah402716.752-000
Qasim Akram20261132-000

Central Punjab (Pakistan)Winner
7/163 2nd innings

Ahmed Shehzadb Junaid Khan51101045.45
Mohammad Akhlaqc Abdullah Shafique b Kashif Bhatti3221041152.38
Hussain Talatb Haris Sohail2017020117.64
Irfan Khanb Amad Butt1513010115.38
Saif Badarc †Hidayatullah b Haris Sohail6800075
Fahim Ashrafb Amad Butt2715013180
Muhammad Faizanc †Hidayatullah b Umaid Asif1210000120
Qasim Akramnot out135011260
Wahab Riaznot out289004311.11
Did not batAhmed Safi Abdullah, Sameen Gul
Extras5 (11w)
Total7/163 (18.1 overs, 8.97rpo)
Junaid Khan3.101615.05--000
Taj Wali201809--000
Kashif Bhatti402917.25--000
Umaid Asif302317.662-000
Amad Butt4055213.752-000
Haris Sohail2021210.5--000
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