Delhi Capitals DC v MI Mumbai IndiansIndian Premier League 2020 • Dubai International Cricket Stadium, Dubai — 11 November 2020

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Delhi Capitals
7/156 1st innings

MP Stoinisc †de Kock b Boult010000
S Dhawanb J Yadav1513030115.38
AM Rahanec †de Kock b Boult2400050
SS Iyernot out6550062130
RR Pantc HH Pandya b Coulter-Nile5638042147.36
SO Hetmyerc Coulter-Nile b Boult55010100
AR Patelc sub (AS Roy) b Coulter-Nile99010100
K Rabadarun out (SA Yadav/Coulter-Nile)000000
Did not batR Ashwin, A Nortje, P Dubey, Lalit Yadav
Extras4 (3w, 1lb)
Total7/156 (20 overs, 7.8rpo)
TA Boult403037.5--1260
JJ Bumrah402807--830
J Yadav402516.25--710
NM Coulter-Nile402927.251-1031
KH Pandya30300101-312
KA Pollard10130131-211

Mumbai IndiansWinner
5/157 2nd innings

RG Sharmac sub (Lalit Yadav) b Nortje6851054133.33
Q de Kockc †Pant b Stoinis2012031166.66
SA Yadavrun out (Dubey/†Pant)192001195
Ishan Kishannot out3319031173.68
KA Pollardb Rabada94020225
HH Pandyac Rahane b Nortje3500060
KH Pandyanot out11000100
Did not batNM Coulter-Nile, TA Boult, J Yadav, JJ Bumrah, AS Roy
Extras4 (3w, 1lb)
Total5/157 (18.4 overs, 8.41rpo)
R Ashwin402807--821
K Rabada3032110.66--651
A Nortje2.402529.37--631
MP Stoinis2023111.5--312
AR Patel401604--1110
P Dubey302909.66--522
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