Auckland Hearts AUC v NOR Northern SpiritNew Zealand Cricket Women's Twenty20 2019 • Eden Park Outer Oval, Auckland — 10 January 2020

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Auckland HeartsWinner
6/138 1st innings

LR Downc Bezuidenhout b Esterhuizen1310161-130
AM Petersonb Mulivai488--50
KT Perkinsnot out7054756-129.62
S Shahric Leydon-Davis b Heaps2834421-82.35
HR Huddlestonrun out (Bezuidenhout)115--100
BG Armstrongc Leydon-Davis b Heaps233--66.66
AN Kellyc †Lobb b Mulivai4810--50
RSM Lili'inot out8441-200
Did not batNatasha van Tilburg, AT Hucker, FC Jonas
Extras8 (2w, 2nb, 3lb, 1b)
Total6/138 (20 overs, 6.9rpo)
LS Mulivai4-2025-----
C Esterhuizen4-2315.75-----
EAJ Richardson4-27-6.75-1---
FC Leydon-Davis4-29-7.251----
BM Halliday1-11-11-1---
LH Heaps3-24281----
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Northern Spirit
7/125 2nd innings

CA Gurreyrun out (Perkins/†van Tilburg)31210--25
B Bezuidenhoutb Kelly5143746-118.6
KG Andersonrun out (Jonas/†van Tilburg)2318163-127.77
FC Leydon-Davisc Armstrong b Jonas81715--47.05
BM Hallidayrun out (Huddleston/†van Tilburg)1915172-126.66
EAJ Richardsonrun out (Armstrong)112--100
Lucy Boucherc Hucker b Huddleston6914--66.66
LS Mulivainot out144--25
OR Lobbnot out112--100
Did not batC Esterhuizen, LH Heaps
Extras12 (2w, 2nb, 3lb, 1b)
Total7/125 (20 overs, 6.25rpo)
AN Kelly4-2616.5-----
HR Huddleston411814.5-----
AM Peterson4-22-5.5-----
BG Armstrong4-24-62----
FC Jonas4-2716.751----
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