Canterbury Kings CAN v CEN Central StagsNew Zealand Domestic Twenty20 2019 • Hagley Oval, Christchurch — 07 January 2020

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Central StagsWinner
8/181 1st innings

GH Workerc Bowes b Nuttall67111-85.71
CK Leopardc †Fletcher b Nuttall-14---
D Cleaverc Carter b Ellis81516983158.82
TC Brucest †Fletcher b McConchie29233241126.08
K Noema-Barnettc Williams b Ellis256--40
JA Clarksonrun out (Murdoch/†Fletcher)36254121144
WC Ludickrun out (Nuttall/†Fletcher)95101-180
BM Wheelernot out447--100
AY Patelrun out (Williams)-11---
Did not batSHA Rance, BM Tickner
Extras14 (7w, 2nb, 4lb, 1b)
Total8/181 (20 overs, 9.05rpo)
EJ Nuttall3-2729-----
HB Shipley2-25-12.51----
SB Davey3-19-6.331----
WSA Williams4-39-9.751----
CE McConchie4-2416-----
AM Ellis4-42210.542---
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Canterbury Kings
8/164 2nd innings

CJ Bowesc Clarkson b Tickner1215292-80
Jack Boylelbw b Rance-33---
SJ Murdochc Patel b Wheeler32275031118.51
CE McConchieb Tickner368--50
LJ Carterc & b Tickner-22---
CD Fletchernot out65375552175.67
AM Ellisc Wheeler b Noema-Barnett7913--77.77
HB Shipleyc Leopard b Tickner27152031180
SB Daveyc Clarkson b Patel366--50
WSA Williamsnot out--1---
Did not batEJ Nuttall
Extras15 (7w, 2nb, 4lb, 1b)
Total8/164 (20 overs, 8.2rpo)
SHA Rance4-20153----
BM Wheeler4-24163----
AY Patel3-40113.33-----
BM Tickner4-2646.51----
WC Ludick3-24-8-----
K Noema-Barnett2-25112.51----
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