Canterbury Kings CAN v NOR Northern KnightsNew Zealand Domestic Twenty20 2019 • Hagley Oval, Christchurch — 05 January 2020

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Northern Knights
7/219 1st innings

AP Devcichc Carter b Shipley7681-116.66
TL Seifertc Williams b McConchie74366056205.55
DG Brownliec Nuttall b Ellis55293982189.65
DJ Mitchellc †Fletcher b McConchie17111511154.54
DR Flynnc Shipley b Williams27203811135
BR Hamptonc Ellis b Nuttall22122421183.33
SC Kuggeleijnc Bowes b Ellis244--50
JF Carternot out336--100
Did not batA Verma, IS Sodhi, BG Randell
Extras12 (11w, 1nb)
Total7/219 (20 overs, 10.95rpo)
EJ Nuttall4-46111.521852
HB Shipley2-22111--431
WSA Williams4-46111.55-742
BP Coburn2-37-18.5--124
CE McConchie4-3328.25--512
AM Ellis4-3528.754-53-
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Canterbury KingsWinner
3/222 2nd innings

Jack Boylec Devcich b Randell2318223-127.77
CJ Bowesrun out (†Seifert/Sodhi)57314181183.87
SJ Murdochc †Seifert b Mitchell131221-1108.33
CE McConchienot out49254243196
LJ Carternot out70293837241.37
Did not batAM Ellis, EJ Nuttall, CD Fletcher, WSA Williams, HB Shipley, BP Coburn
Extras10 (11w, 1nb)
Total3/222 (18.5 overs, 11.78rpo)
SC Kuggeleijn4-39-9.75--651
AP Devcich4-61-15.25-1226
A Verma3-35-11.66-1312
BG Randell2-26113--341
IS Sodhi3.5-33-8.61-722
DJ Mitchell2-221111-44-
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