Melbourne Stars STA v THU Sydney ThunderBig Bash League 2019 • Melbourne Cricket Ground, Melbourne — 06 February 2020

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Melbourne StarsWinner
2/194 1st innings

MP Stoinisb Morris8354-73153.7
NJ Maddinsonc Sams b Morris1111-2-100
NCR Larkinnot out8349-93169.38
GJ Maxwellnot out46---66.66
Did not batNM Coulter-Nile, PSP Handscomb, A Zampa, SE Gotch, DJ Worrall, CD Hinchliffe, Haris Rauf
Extras13 (3w, 9lb, 1b)
Total2/194 (20 overs, 9.7rpo)
JD Cook3-36-12--432
CP Tremain4-31-7.75--94-
DR Sams4-41-10.251-632
CH Morris4-3027.51-921
N McAndrew2-17-8.5--53-
AJ Nair3-29-9.661-531
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Sydney Thunder
8/166 2nd innings

UT Khawajab Coulter-Nile2315-3-153.33
AD Halesrun out (Coulter-Nile)88---100
CJ Fergusonc †Gotch b Haris Rauf77-1-100
AI Rossc Maddinson b Zampa5838-33152.63
CH Morrisb Haris Rauf2116--1131.25
AJ Nairc Handscomb b Zampa3017-32176.47
DR Samsc Larkin b Coulter-Nile36---50
JS Lentonc Maddinson b Haris Rauf107-1-142.85
N McAndrewnot out13---33.33
CP Tremainnot out-3----
Did not batJD Cook
Extras5 (3w, 9lb, 1b)
Total8/166 (20 overs, 8.3rpo)
DJ Worrall4-29-7.25--1021
GJ Maxwell2-19-9.5--11-
NM Coulter-Nile4-2927.25--1021
Haris Rauf4-1734.25--131-
A Zampa4-43210.751-723
CD Hinchliffe1-10-10--1-1
MP Stoinis1-15-15---3-
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