Melbourne Renegades REN v STR Adelaide StrikersBig Bash League 2019 • Marvel Stadium, Melbourne — 29 December 2019

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Adelaide StrikersWinner
6/155 1st innings

PD Saltc & b Boyce5426-71207.69
J Weatheraldc †Harper b Richardson612---50
AT Careyc Richardson b Boyce4137-4-110.81
JW Wellsc Christian b Richardson2024-1-83.33
Rashid Khanc Harris b Richardson2516-22156.25
CL Whitec Webster b Richardson24---50
MW Shortnot out21---200
C Valentenot out------
Did not batPM Siddle, B Stanlake, WA Agar
Extras5 (2w, 3lb)
Total6/155 (20 overs, 7.75rpo)
RJ Gleeson2-29-14.52-25-
KW Richardson4-3348.25--1332
HF Gurney3-25-8.33--32-
W Sutherland3-20-6.66--52-
CJ Boyce4-1824.5--7--
BJ Webster1-10-10--1-1
DT Christian3-17-5.66--72-
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Melbourne Renegades
8/137 2nd innings

SB Harperc †Carey b Agar1114-1-78.57
AJ Finchrun out (Rashid Khan)5039-11128.2
SE Marshb Rashid Khan1617-1-94.11
MS Harrisc Short b Agar75-1-140
BJ Websternot out3626-22138.46
DT Christianrun out (Salt)-1----
W Sutherlandb Rashid Khan14---25
CJ Boyceb Valente1012---83.33
KW Richardsonc Salt b Valente12---50
Did not batHF Gurney, RJ Gleeson
Extras5 (2w, 3lb)
Total8/137 (20 overs, 6.85rpo)
B Stanlake4-31-7.75--82-
WA Agar4-20252-131-
PM Siddle4-32-8--931
C Valente4-3629--6-2
Rashid Khan4-1523.75--10--
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