Titans TIT v KNI KnightsSouth Africa Domestic T20/Pro20 2019 • SuperSport Park, Centurion — 27 April 2019

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8/148 1st innings

SC van Schalkwykb Mahlokwana49355061140
AGS Gousc Behardien b Arnold99101-100
PE Krugerc †Herman b Mahlokwana255--40
R van Tonderrun out (Moreki)35315621112.9
PJ van Biljonc de Zorzi b von Berg11916-1122.22
TG Mokoenac †Herman b Dala568--83.33
R McLarennot out1715271-113.33
G Coetzeec Dala b Thomson144--25
T Ntulirun out (de Zorzi/Davids/Moreki)68151-75
L Adamnot out--2---
Did not batOEG Baartman
Extras13 (8w, 2nb, 3lb)
Total8/148 (20 overs, 7.4rpo)
M Arnold4-2315.75--113-
G Mahlokwana4-2526.25--83-
CJ Dala4-2716.752-93-
S von Berg3-2819.331-3-2
TL Moreki4-39-9.7552821
GM Thomson1-313--3--
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4/150 2nd innings

T de Zorzic van Schalkwyk b Baartman81318--61.53
RA Hermanc Kruger b Coetzee7881-87.5
GM Thomsonc †Gous b Coetzee-46---
TB de Bruynnot out45378151121.62
H Davidsc & b Kruger4736496-130.55
F Behardiennot out31182722172.22
Did not batM Arnold, S von Berg, G Mahlokwana, CJ Dala, TL Moreki
Extras12 (8w, 2nb, 3lb)
Total4/150 (19.2 overs, 7.75rpo)
OEG Baartman4-1814.51-1511
G Coetzee4-2626.51-113-
L Adam2-25-12.5--331
SC van Schalkwyk3.2-25-7.5--821
T Ntuli1-14-141--2-
R McLaren3-25-8.332-42-
PE Kruger2-14171-51-
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