Madhya Pradesh MAD v UTT Uttar PradeshSyed Mushtaq Ali Trophy 2016-17 • Sawai Mansingh Stadium, Jaipur — 03 February 2017

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Madhya PradeshWinner
9/161 1st innings

NV Ojhac Pandey b Chawla37334850112.12
MS Raghavc Gupta b Rajpoot76810116.66
Harpreet Singhc Khan b Nath15151830100
PM Sahanic Gupta b Chawla28110025
VR Iyerc Imtiaz Ahmed b Chawla18162510112.5
S Dhaliwalc Gupta b Rajpoot51253844204
Ankit Sharmab Imtiaz Ahmed15121330125
SS Jainc Sharma b Rajpoot014000
IC Pandeyc Pandey b Rajpoot023000
PM Dateynot out62301300
C Sakurenot out001000
Extras10 (9w, 1lb)
Total9/161 (20 overs, 8.05rpo)
P Kumar302006.661-000
AS Rajpoot402947.251-000
Imtiaz Ahmed4042110.5--000
AD Nath402315.751-000
PP Chawla403739.251-000
D Pandey109091-000

Uttar Pradesh
10/135 2nd innings

PSK Guptac Sahani b Datey3570060
ER Dwivedirun out (Raghav)33283731117.85
AD Nathc Harpreet Singh b Iyer1517211088.23
SN Khanc †Ojha b Ankit Sharma7990077.77
UA Sharmac & b Ankit Sharma1370033.33
RK Singhst †Ojha b Jain042000
PP Chawlac Raghav b Sakure24182231133.33
P Kumarc Iyer b Sakure20142102142.85
Imtiaz Ahmedc Harpreet Singh b Pandey146802233.33
D Pandeynot out971300128.57
AS Rajpootb Pandey74610175
Extras2 (9w, 1lb)
Total10/135 (19.1 overs, 7.04rpo)
IC Pandey3.102427.57--000
PM Datey301615.33--000
S Dhaliwal1011011--000
C Sakure403328.251-000
VR Iyer201517.5--000
Ankit Sharma402726.75--000
SS Jain20814--000
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