United Arab Emirates UAE v IRE IrelandIreland in United Arab Emirates T20I Series 2015/16 2016 • Sheikh Zayed Stadium, Abu Dhabi — 13 February 2016

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8/134 1st innings

WTS Porterfieldrun out (Qadeer Ahmed)89-2088.88
PR Stirlingb Amjad Javed26-0033.33
SW Poynterb Qadeer Ahmed18-0012.5
GC Wilsonb Amjad Javed03-000
NJ O'Brienst †Patil b Rohan Mustafa3829-21131.03
KJ O'Brienb Mohammad Naveed2329-2079.31
AR McBrineb Mohammad Shahzad14-0025
MC Sorensenlbw b Amjad Javed2615-11173.33
TJ Murtaghnot out128-01150
WB Rankinnot out169-11177.77
Did not batCA Young
Extras7 (4w, 3lb)
Total8/134 (20 overs, 6.7rpo)
Mohammad Naveed402616.54----
Qadeer Ahmed31210.66-----
Amjad Javed4041310.25-----
Mohammad Shahzad401714.25-----
Zaheer Maqsood2021010.5-----
Rohan Mustafa302418-----

United Arab Emirates
10/100 2nd innings

Rohan Mustafac McBrine b Young77-10100
Mohammad Shahzadb Murtagh01-000
Shaiman Anwarc McBrine b KJ O'Brien2428-1185.71
Muhammad Usmanb Rankin710-1070
SP Patilc Sorensen b Rankin1411-11127.27
Amjad Javedb KJ O'Brien38-0037.5
Saqlain Haiderc Stirling b KJ O'Brien413-0030.76
Fahad Tariqc †NJ O'Brien b Murtagh1616-11100
Mohammad Naveedc Stirling b Sorensen1214-0185.71
Zaheer Maqsoodlbw b Young25-0040
Qadeer Ahmednot out53-10166.66
Extras6 (4w, 3lb)
Total10/100 (19.2 overs, 5.17rpo)
TJ Murtagh4020252----
CA Young402626.51----
WB Rankin4016242----
MC Sorensen3.202417.21----
KJ O'Brien401433.5-----
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