Sialkot Stallions SIA v KAR Karachi DolphinsNational T20 Cup 2015 • Iqbal Stadium, Faisalabad — 16 May 2015

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Sialkot StallionsWinner
10/167 1st innings

Mukhtar Ahmedb Faraz Ahmed2519-30131.57
Nauman Anwarb Faraz Ahmed8043-95186.04
Bilal Asifc Fazal Subhan b Faraz Ahmed2513-22192.3
Shoaib Malikc Rameez Raja b Fawad Khan2221-01104.76
Haris Sohailrun out (Asad Shafiq)01-000
Ali Khanc Asad Shafiq b Abdul Ameer78-0087.5
Ayaz Tasawwarc Anwar Ali b Abdul Ameer01-000
Sultan Ahmedc †Mohammad Hasan b Abdul Ameer01-000
Usama Mirc Anwar Ali b Mohammad Sami16-0016.66
Ahmed Buttc Fazal Subhan b Fawad Khan44-10100
Bilawal Bhattinot out11-00100
Extras2 (1w, 1lb)
Total10/167 (19.4 overs, 8.49rpo)
Mohammad Sami4028171----
Anwar Ali403107.75-----
Fawad Khan3.4039210.63-----
Abdul Ameer403839.5-----
Faraz Ahmed403037.5-----

Karachi Dolphins
10/102 2nd innings

Fazal Subhanst †Ahmed Butt b Sultan Ahmed43-10133.33
Shahzaib Hasanb Usama Mir2019-21105.26
Asad Shafiqb Bilawal Bhatti59-1055.55
Rameez Raja (2)st †Ahmed Butt b Usama Mir2420-31120
Mohammad Waqasb Usama Mir2920-02145
Mohammad Hasanc Ali Khan b Bilal Asif45-0080
Anwar Alic Ali Khan b Bilal Asif412-0033.33
Mohammad Samib Bilal Asif76-10116.66
Faraz Ahmedc Mukhtar Ahmed b Ali Khan03-000
Fawad Khanc Usama Mir b Ali Khan13-0033.33
Abdul Ameernot out12-0050
Extras3 (1w, 1lb)
Total10/102 (17 overs, 6rpo)
Sultan Ahmed403117.751----
Bilawal Bhatti311615.33-----
Usama Mir401634-----
Shoaib Malik1015015-----
Bilal Asif402035-----
Ali Khan10222-----
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