Hyderabad (India) HYD v ODI OdishaSyed Mushtaq Ali Trophy 2014-15 • DRIEMS Ground, Cuttack — 03 April 2015

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10/153 1st innings

AR Sarangirun out (Sandeep)22121640183.33
P Roshan Kumar Raoc Prince b Ravi Kiran1113181084.61
GB Podderc & b Vihari12111420109.09
A Mallickst †Ahmed b Vihari23222720104.54
AA Singhc †Ahmed b Vihari011000
BB Samantrayc Sandeep b Bhandari33192322173.68
SB Patralbw b Milind19182701105.55
DR Beheralbw b Ravi Kiran89111088.88
SB Pradhanb Ravi Kiran148802175
J Beherac †Ahmed b Milind1250050
A Mangarajnot out00100-
Extras10 (4w, 6lb)
Total10/153 (19.1 overs, 7.98rpo)
AA Bhandari302719-----
M Ravi Kiran403137.751----
CV Milind3.102126.632----
TL Suman2024012-----
BP Sandeep302307.66-----
GH Vihari402135.25-----

Hyderabad (India)Winner
5/154 2nd innings

TL Sumanc †Roshan Kumar Rao b Pradhan61091060
DD Princest †Roshan Kumar Rao b Poddar31284911110.71
PA Reddyrun out (J Behera)16141621114.28
TD Agarwalc Samantray b DR Behera49334170148.48
GH Viharic †Roshan Kumar Rao b Mangaraj013000
BC Thomasnot out1117351064.7
AA Bhandarinot out37172023217.64
Did not batH Ahmed, BP Sandeep, M Ravi Kiran, CV Milind
Extras4 (4w, 6lb)
Total5/154 (20 overs, 7.7rpo)
SB Pradhan402315.75-----
DR Behera403218-----
J Behera2022011-----
BB Samantray403007.52----
A Mangaraj402115.25-----
GB Podder2024112-----
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