Chilaw Marians Cricket Club CHI v BLO Bloomfield Cricket and Athletic ClubSri Lanka Domestic T20 2014-15 • Sinhalese Sports Club Ground, Colombo — 07 April 2015

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Chilaw Marians Cricket ClubWinner
9/118 1st innings

R Damodaranc Randiv b Madushanka48-1050
PGCSP Pussegollac Gangodawila b Madushanka1017-0158.82
KVA Adikaric Cooray b Randunu1516-1193.75
NANN Pererac Munaweera b Lakshitha4721-16223.8
MARS Fernandoc Karunanayake b Madushanka47-0057.14
C de Silvac Gangodawila b Randiv23-0066.66
PASS Jeewanthac Pradeep b Lakshitha85-01160
ST de Silvac Nanayakkara b Lakshitha1514-11107.14
PLS Gamagec Lakshitha b Pradeep511-0045.45
LR Krishanthanot out26-0033.33
H Jayasunderanot out00-00-
Extras6 (3w, 2lb, 1b)
Total9/118 (18 overs, 6.55rpo)
ANPR Fernando4112131----
LD Madushanka40832-----
ABT Lakshitha302638.661----
EMGDY Munaweera10110111----
SKC Randunu3044114.66-----
S Randiv301414.66-----

Bloomfield Cricket and Athletic Club
9/116 2nd innings

EMGDY Munaweerac Adikari b Jeewantha13-0033.33
PDMA Coorayc Adikari b Perera2020-30100
BKG Mendisc †Fernando b Perera1520-2075
KPNM Karunanayakec Adikari b Jeewantha3233-1196.96
GASK Gangodawilac ST de Silva b Gamage2321-02109.52
AN Nanayakkarac Adikari b Gamage01-000
LD Madushankac C de Silva b Gamage77-10100
S Randivrun out (ST de Silva/†Fernando)52-10250
ABT Lakshithac Adikari b Gamage02-000
SKC Randununot out00-00-
Did not batANPR Fernando
Extras13 (3w, 2lb, 1b)
Total9/116 (18 overs, 6.44rpo)
PLS Gamage403047.531---
PASS Jeewantha402626.51----
ST de Silva302508.332----
NANN Perera411924.75-----
PGCSP Pussegolla301404.66-----
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