Hyderabad Hawks HYD v KAR Karachi DolphinsNational T20 Cup 2014-15 • National Stadium, Karachi — 19 September 2014

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Hyderabad Hawks
8/119 1st innings

Azeem Ghummanb Mohammad Sami1490025
Sharjeel Khanb Anwar Ali022000
Faisal Atharc Rameez Raja b Shahid Afridi1922382186.36
Mohammad Awaisc Shahid Afridi b Anwar Ali13111820118.18
Shoaib Lagharic Asad Shafiq b Tahir Khan25252421100
Lal Kumarc Rameez Raja b Abdul Ameer1115191073.33
Mir Alinot out27253302108
Nauman Alilbw b Abdul Ameer512150041.66
Nasir Awaisrun out (†Sarfraz Ahmed)871010114.28
Did not batFarhan Ayub, Rehan Nizamuddin
Extras10 (3w, 6nb, 1lb)
Total8/119 (20 overs, 5.95rpo)
Anwar Ali401824.5-----
Mohammad Sami40281713---
Abdul Ameer401624-----
Shahid Afridi403117.751----
Tahir Khan402516.251----

Karachi DolphinsWinner
1/122 2nd innings

Rameez Raja (2)not out704959101142.85
Shahzaib Hasanc Farhan Ayub b Nasir Awais1092201111.11
Asad Shafiqnot out3840363095
Did not batFaisal Iqbal, Fawad Alam, Mohammad Sami, Shahid Afridi, Tahir Khan, Sarfraz Ahmed, Anwar Ali, Abdul Ameer
Extras4 (3w, 6nb, 1lb)
Total1/122 (16.2 overs, 7.46rpo)
Farhan Ayub201909.51----
Nauman Ali402606.5-----
Rehan Nizamuddin402606.5-----
Nasir Awais4028171----
Mir Ali201507.51----
Shoaib Laghari0.207021-----
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