Railways RAI v UTT Uttar PradeshSyed Mushtaq Ali Trophy 2014-15 • Holkar Cricket Stadium, Indore — 28 March 2015

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Uttar Pradesh
8/138 1st innings

PSK Guptalbw b ACP Mishra55510100
ER Dwivedic †Rawat b ACP Mishra912131075
AD Nathb RK Mishra2223362095.65
M Saifst †Rawat b Sharma46110066.66
PP Chawlac Faiz Ahmed b Upadhyay44365150122.22
UA Sharmarun out (Sharma)49140044.44
RK Singhc Vivek Singh b Sharma6750085.71
Imtiaz Ahmedc Vivek Singh b ACP Mishra19141902135.71
Kuldeep Yadavnot out178830212.5
RP Singhnot out11200100
Did not batAS Rajpoot
Extras7 (5w, 1nb, 1lb)
Total8/138 (20 overs, 6.9rpo)
K Upadhyay403619-----
ACP Mishra401734.25-----
Avinash Yadav301705.66-1---
KV Sharma402325.75-----
RK Mishra402716.751----
Ashish Yadav1017017-----

4/141 2nd innings

AUK Pathanc RP Singh b Chawla38232780165.21
B Vivek Singhb Kuldeep Yadav42355042120
Faiz Ahmedc RK Singh b Imtiaz Ahmed2530433083.33
M Rawatc Gupta b Kuldeep Yadav84320200
R Jonathannot out20142430142.85
Ashish Yadavnot out53710166.66
Did not batAvinash Yadav, KV Sharma, K Upadhyay, ACP Mishra, RK Mishra
Extras3 (5w, 1nb, 1lb)
Total4/141 (18.1 overs, 7.76rpo)
RP Singh3031010.332----
AS Rajpoot2.1022010.15-----
PP Chawla402817-----
Imtiaz Ahmed402215.5-----
Kuldeep Yadav403027.5-----
RK Singh10707-----
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