Bengal BEN v DEH DelhiSyed Mushtaq Ali Trophy 2013-14 • Wankhede Stadium, Mumbai — 09 April 2014

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8/119 1st innings

AA Dasb Narwal1017-2058.82
B Vivek Singhc †Bisht b Javed Khan1621-0176.19
SP Goswamirun out (†Bisht)4538-32118.42
Sandipan Dasc Anand b Kshitiz Sharma1010-00100
AA Nandic Javed Khan b Varun Sood37-0042.85
AP Ghoshc Varun Sood b Narwal1412-01116.66
S Sanyalc Mohit Sharma b Varun Sood03-000
SS Mondalnot out96-10150
SS Lahiric Pratyush Singh b Javed Khan12-0050
SS Ghoshnot out54-00125
Did not batI Saxena
Extras6 (2lb, 4b)
Total8/119 (20 overs, 5.95rpo)
S Narwal411323.25-----
SS Shaurya201105.5-----
Y Nagar301906.33-----
Kshitiz Sharma301414.66-----
Javed Khan402426-----
Varun Sood403228-----

3/122 2nd innings

Mohit Sharmac Lahiri b Mondal4137-40110.81
P Bishtc Mondal b SS Ghosh54-10125
Samarth Singhc Das b Mondal3949-3079.59
Y Nagarnot out2011-11181.81
J Anandnot out1513-10115.38
Did not batS Narwal, Varun Sood, Kshitiz Sharma, SS Shaurya, Javed Khan, Pratyush Singh
Extras2 (2lb, 4b)
Total3/122 (19 overs, 6.42rpo)
SS Mondal402626.5-----
SS Ghosh402716.75-----
S Sanyal301906.33-----
I Saxena301906.33-----
SS Lahiri402205.51----
Sandipan Das10808-----
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