Khan Research Labs KRL v PTV Pakistan TelevisionNational T20 Cup 2013-14 • Lahore City Cricket Association Ground, Lahore — 30 November 2013

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Khan Research Labs
7/144 1st innings

Zain Abbasc †Naeem Anjum b Zohaib Ahmed58487441120.83
Usman Salahuddinc †Naeem Anjum b Akbar Badshah49445341111.36
Naved Yasinc Akbar Badshah b Zohaib Ahmed1214121085.71
Saeed Anwar jnrst †Naeem Anjum b Samiullah43310133.33
Ali Khannot out331200100
Umaid Asifb Zohaib Ahmed011000
Nayyer Abbasb Mohammad Abbas86510133.33
Nauman Alirun out (Mohammad Abbas)21100200
Did not batYasir Ali, Zulfiqar Jan, Rahat Ali
Extras8 (7w, 1lb)
Total7/144 (20 overs, 7.2rpo)
Rizwan Akbar201909.52----
Mohammad Abbas403117.752----
Zohaib Ahmed402636.51----
Yasim Murtaza301505-----
Akbar Badshah302317.662----

Pakistan TelevisionWinner
7/145 2nd innings

Imran Alib Yasir Ali5761071.42
Nawaz Ahmedc †Zulfiqar Jan b Umaid Asif50415470121.95
Mohammad Samic Nayyer Abbas b Nauman Ali2630432186.66
Zohaib Ahmedlbw b Nayyer Abbas1260050
Rizwan Ahmedc Saeed Anwar b Yasir Ali614260042.85
Yasim Murtazab Rahat Ali1340033.33
Akbar Badshahc Rahat Ali b Ali Khan24202130120
Naeem Anjumnot out103520333.33
Samiullahnot out00200-
Did not batRizwan Akbar, Mohammad Abbas
Extras22 (7w, 1lb)
Total7/145 (19.5 overs, 7.31rpo)
Rahat Ali402516.258----
Yasir Ali402225.52----
Nayyer Abbas40241612---
Umaid Asif402616.53----
Nauman Ali3030110-----
Ali Khan0.5012114.4-----
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