National Bank of Pakistan NBP v PIA Pakistan International AirlinesNational T20 Cup 2013-14 • Gaddafi Stadium, Lahore — 27 November 2013

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National Bank of Pakistan
5/151 1st innings

Sami Aslamc †Sarfraz Ahmed b Najaf Shah021000
Kamran Akmalc Shoaib Malik b Aizaz Cheema511191045.45
Aqeel Anjumc Aizaz Cheema b Kamran Sajid60496471122.44
Fawad Alamnot out64437061148.83
Hammad Azamc Adeel Malik b Kamran Sajid15111211136.36
Usman Qadirb Tahir Khan34100075
Did not batAdnan Rasool, Zia-ul-Haq, Raza Hasan, Mohammad Nawaz (3), Ahmed Jamal
Extras4 (1w, 3lb)
Total5/151 (20 overs, 7.55rpo)
Najaf Shah411012.5-----
Aizaz Cheema4028171----
Tahir Khan403719.25-----
Mohammad Azhar2020010-----
Kamran Sajid403328.25-----
Adeel Malik1015015-----
Fahad Iqbal10505-----

Pakistan International AirlinesWinner
4/154 2nd innings

Kamran Sajidc †Kamran Akmal b Zia-ul-Haq19152630126.66
Sarfraz Ahmedc Mohammad Nawaz b Hammad Azam59475671125.53
Fahad Iqbalst †Kamran Akmal b Hammad Azam27254011108
Shoaib Maliknot out24212902114.28
Adeel Malikc sub b Adnan Rasool2450050
Faisal Iqbalnot out1081210125
Did not batAizaz Cheema, Najaf Shah, Tahir Khan, Sheharyar Ghani, Mohammad Azhar
Extras13 (1w, 3lb)
Total4/154 (19.5 overs, 7.76rpo)
Ahmed Jamal411403.51----
Raza Hasan3.503809.91-----
Adnan Rasool403819.5-----
Hammad Azam402827-----
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