Jammu & Kashmir JAM v SER ServicesSyed Mushtaq Ali Trophy 2013-14 • Sector 16 Stadium, Chandigarh — 01 April 2014

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Jammu & Kashmir
10/91 1st innings

ID Singhc Sinha b Yadav1318302-72.22
Adil Reshilbw b Nazar1391511144.44
AH Kawajab Nazar1107--10
Parvez Rasoolb Sakuja51012--50
Hardeep Singhrun out (Sakuja)-13---
PA Sharmab Sakuja177--14.28
S Beighb Nazar242341-1104.34
Abid Nabic Paliwal b Sinha1215111-80
Waseem Razac Yadav b Sinha255--40
VK Dograb Nazar1613152-123.07
R Dayalnot out111--100
Extras3 (1w, 2lb)
Total10/91 (18.4 overs, 4.87rpo)
S Yadav411814.5-----
S Nazar3.4-1343.54-----
A Sakuja4-1423.5-----
RR Raj4-21-5.251----
A Sinha3-2327.66-----
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3/93 2nd innings

NH Vermab Abid Nabi1923252-82.6
Yashpal Singhlbw b Abid Nabi1723332-73.91
AH Guptac & b Dogra2526331196.15
RS Paliwalnot out2927294-107.4
SR Swainnot out123--50
Did not batA Sakuja, A Sinha, S Yadav, S Nazar, D Lochab, RR Raj
Extras2 (1w, 2lb)
Total3/93 (16.4 overs, 5.58rpo)
S Beigh3-18-611---
R Dayal1-8-8-----
Waseem Raza3-15-5-----
Abid Nabi4-1323.25-----
Parvez Rasool4-23-5.75-----
VK Dogra1.4-1619.6-----
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