United Arab Emirates UAE v CAN CanadaICC Men's T20 World Cup Qualifier 2013-14 • Sheikh Zayed Stadium, Abu Dhabi — 21 November 2013

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United Arab EmiratesWinner
8/159 1st innings

Mohammad Azamst †Bagai b Baidwan36272541133.33
Shaiman Anwarc †Bagai b Hansra17173220100
Khurram Khanlbw b Gordon22192730115.78
SP Patilc Baidwan b Hansra19163510118.75
Rohan Mustafab Baidwan31273330114.81
Amjad Javedb Baidwan125630240
Abdul Shakoorb Baidwan011000
Mohammad Shafiqnot out1071200142.85
Nasir Azizrun out (Hamza Tariq)11200100
Did not batAM Guruge, EHSN Silva
Extras11 (3w, 8lb)
Total8/159 (20 overs, 7.95rpo)
JOA Gordon4024161----
Junaid Siddiqui2020010-----
HS Baidwan402345.75-----
K Kamyuka302608.661----
AS Hansra302829.33-----
D Daesrath302107-----
Rizwan Cheema10909-----

10/123 2nd innings

R Gunasekeralbw b Rohan Mustafa2024302083.33
Hamza Tariqc Amjad Javed b Guruge024000
A Bagaib Khurram Khan43415731104.87
AS Hansrac Nasir Aziz b Amjad Javed1230050
Rizwan Cheemac Amjad Javed b Nasir Aziz16131401123.07
D Daesrathc Khurram Khan b Nasir Aziz30212602142.85
K Kamyukast †Mohammad Shafiq b Nasir Aziz2350066.66
Raza-ur-Rehmanrun out (Khurram Khan)023000
HS Baidwanst †Mohammad Shafiq b Silva022000
Junaid Siddiquic Abdul Shakoor b Guruge56100083.33
JOA Gordonnot out33500100
Extras3 (3w, 8lb)
Total10/123 (19.5 overs, 6.2rpo)
AM Guruge3.501824.691----
EHSN Silva412215.5-----
Amjad Javed201316.5-----
Rohan Mustafa302016.66-----
Nasir Aziz402536.25-----
Khurram Khan3024181----
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