Canada CAN v UGA UgandaICC Men's T20 World Cup Qualifier 2013-14 • Tolerance Oval, Abu Dhabi — 18 November 2013

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7/137 1st innings

Hamza Tariqc Sebanja b Nsubuga021000
R Gunasekerac Sebanja b Arinaitwe712131058.33
A Bagaist †Selowa b Mukasa4043414093.02
AS Hansranot out58415981141.46
Raza-ur-Rehmanb Arinaitwe3860037.5
D Daesrathrun out (Almuzahim)011000
Rizwan Cheemac Sebanja b Mukasa97901128.57
Junaid Siddiquic Kyobe b Ochan4590080
HS Baidwannot out52310250
Did not batJOA Gordon, AS Dean
Extras11 (8w, 1nb, 2lb)
Total7/137 (20 overs, 6.85rpo)
F Nsubuga402315.75-----
RG Mukasa403328.252----
DK Arinaitwe402526.251----
H Senyondo201105.5-----
C Waiswa20804-----
P Ochan403518.7511---

10/93 2nd innings

HS Almuzahimc Rizwan Cheema b Gordon22200100
RG Mukasarun out (†Bagai)00400-
PM Selowarun out (Hansra)2133311163.63
AS Kyobeb Dean13110033.33
DK Arinaitweb Gordon2830442093.33
F Nsubugarun out (Junaid Siddiqui)014000
RG Okiab Junaid Siddiqui4990044.44
J Sebanjac Hamza Tariq b Dean20132011153.84
C Waiswanot out38160037.5
P Ochanc Junaid Siddiqui b Baidwan2460050
H Senyondob Hansra014000
Extras12 (8w, 1nb, 2lb)
Total10/93 (17.2 overs, 5.36rpo)
JOA Gordon309231----
Junaid Siddiqui401914.75-----
AS Dean301625.33-----
AS Hansra1.20715.25-----
HS Baidwan301715.661----
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