Khan Research Labs KRL v PQA Port Qasim AuthorityNational T20 Cup 2013 • National Stadium, Karachi — 17 July 2013

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Port Qasim AuthorityWinner
2/170 1st innings

Shahzaib Hasanb Nauman Ali58190062.5
Khalid Latifc †Zulfiqar Jan b Rahat Ali014000
Khurram Manzoornot out85608393141.66
Kamran Younisnot out70536881132.07
Did not batAfsar Nawaz, Aariz Kamal, Azam Hussain, Mohammad Salman, Tabish Nawab, Mohammad Talha, Ahmed Jamal
Extras10 (2w, 4nb, 4lb)
Total2/170 (20 overs, 8.5rpo)
Rahat Ali401714.252----
Usman Khan403408.5-1---
Nauman Ali403117.75-----
Usama Mir2025012.5-1---
Saeed Anwar jnr403909.75-----
Naved Yasin10909-----
Ali Khan1011011-----

Khan Research Labs
6/151 2nd innings

Mohammad Yasinnot out806393102126.98
Zain Abbasc Azam Hussain b Mohammad Talha024000
Shoaib Ahmedc & b Mohammad Talha612201050
Ali Khanb Tabish Nawab4641066.66
Saeed Anwar jnrc Shahzaib Hasan b Azam Hussain58131062.5
Naved Yasinc Azam Hussain b Khurram Manzoor14121520116.66
Zulfiqar Janc Khurram Manzoor b Mohammad Talha15152510100
Nauman Alinot out2360066.66
Did not batRahat Ali, Usama Mir, Usman Khan
Extras25 (2w, 4nb, 4lb)
Total6/151 (20 overs, 7.55rpo)
Mohammad Talha4020351----
Ahmed Jamal3034011.3341---
Tabish Nawab402115.252----
Azam Hussain4020151----
Aariz Kamal2021010.5-----
Khurram Manzoor302719-----
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