Zarai Taraqiati Bank Limited ZTB v PQA Port Qasim AuthorityNational T20 Cup 2013 • National Stadium, Karachi — 15 July 2013

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Port Qasim AuthorityWinner
7/145 1st innings

Shahzaib Hasanb Hussain Talat48426122114.28
Khalid Latifc Zafar Gohar b Kashif Daud1415371093.33
Khurram Manzoorst †Shakeel Ansar b Zafar Gohar16161910100
Kamran Younislbw b Hussain Talat33600100
Afsar Nawazb Hussain Talat23222811104.54
Daniyal Ahsanc Babar Azam b Zafar Gohar1014210071.42
Mohammad Talhanot out431310133.33
Mohammad Salmanrun out (†Shakeel Ansar)74610175
Azam Hussainnot out1220050
Did not batShahzaib Ahmed, Ahmed Jamal
Extras19 (7w, 2nb, 6lb, 4b)
Total7/145 (20 overs, 7.25rpo)
Rehan Riaz303301121---
Mohammad Khalil402205.52----
Kashif Daud402215.51----
Tahir Mahmood201407-----
Zafar Gohar402325.751----
Hussain Talat3021371----

Zarai Taraqiati Bank Limited
8/105 2nd innings

Sharjeel Khanc †Mohammad Salman b Mohammad Talha29160022.22
Shakeel Ansarc †Mohammad Salman b Azam Hussain1314242092.85
Babar Azamc †Mohammad Salman b Khurram Manzoor22131340169.23
Hussain Talatb Azam Hussain23120066.66
Imran Nazirc Khalid Latif b Azam Hussain023000
Atif Ashrafc Shahzaib Hasan b Ahmed Jamal28193012147.36
Kashif Daudc Shahzaib Hasan b Azam Hussain2350066.66
Zafar Goharc Khurram Manzoor b Kamran Younis29212712138.09
Mohammad Khalilnot out1250050
Did not batRehan Riaz, Tahir Mahmood
Extras6 (7w, 2nb, 6lb, 4b)
Total8/105 (14 overs, 7.5rpo)
Mohammad Talha301314.33-----
Ahmed Jamal30241812---
Azam Hussain301745.66-----
Khurram Manzoor3027191----
Shahzaib Ahmed1010010-----
Kamran Younis1014114-----
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