Habib Bank Limited HBL v WPD Water and Power Development AuthorityNational T20 Cup 2013 • National Stadium, Karachi — 07 July 2013

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Habib Bank LimitedWinner
4/162 1st innings

Imran Farhatc Tanzeel Altaf b Naved-ul-Hasan761110116.66
Asad Baigc Tanzeel Altaf b Azhar Attari2932513090.62
Fahad Masoodc Ayaz Tasawwar b Zulfiqar Babar22192412115.78
Younis Khannot out54394970138.46
Hasan Razac Tanzeel Altaf b Zulfiqar Babar27172203158.82
Humayun Farhatnot out1181110137.5
Did not batKamran Hussain, Behram Khan, Abdul Ameer, Sarmad Anwar, Ehsan Adil
Extras12 (4w, 2nb, 6lb)
Total4/162 (20 overs, 8.1rpo)
Mohammad Mudassar412606.51-000
Ayaz Tasawwar0.20206-1000
Azhar Attari4040110--000
Zulfiqar Babar402726.75--000
Saad Nasim402506.25--000
Tanzeel Altaf10110111-000
Sohaib Maqsood10120121-000

Water and Power Development Authority
9/108 2nd innings

Rafatullah Mohmandc Abdul Ameer b Sarmad Anwar22162120137.5
Saad Nasimlbw b Sarmad Anwar761410116.66
Sohaib Maqsoodc Kamran Hussain b Asad Baig40345022117.64
Mohammad Ayublbw b Fahad Masood022000
Ayaz Tasawwarlbw b Asad Baig1821432085.71
Jahangir Mirzab Asad Baig61290050
Tanzeel Altafc Younis Khan b Asad Baig2650033.33
Zulfiqar Babarst †Humayun Farhat b Hasan Raza5890062.5
Azhar Attarinot out004000
Mohammad Mudassarc & b Hasan Raza022000
Extras8 (4w, 2nb, 6lb)
Total9/108 (17.3 overs, 6.17rpo)
Fahad Masood311615.33--000
Abdul Ameer2023011.511000
Sarmad Anwar301424.66-1000
Ehsan Adil201608--000
Kamran Hussain402406--000
Asad Baig301244--000
Hasan Raza0.30020--000
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