Rajshahi Division RAJ v SYL Sylhet Division8th Bangladesh Games Cricket 2013 2013 • Shaheed Chandu Stadium, Bogra — 22 April 2013

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Rajshahi DivisionWinner
6/140 1st innings

Mizanur Rahmanb Abu Jayed1320033.33
Maisuqur Rahmanc Ruman Ahmed b Mukammel Ali69171066.66
Farhad Hossainc Ruman Ahmed b Abu Jayed5771071.42
Sabbir Rahmanc Rajin Saleh b Mukammel Ali58437133134.88
Farhad Rezab Nabil Samad66510100
Jubair Ahmedc Rajin Saleh b Mukammel Ali3337462089.18
Mukhtar Alinot out18141301128.57
Sanjamul Islamnot out22200100
Did not batSaqlain Sajib, Hamidul Islam, Taijul Islam
Extras11 (7w, 1nb, 3lb)
Total6/140 (20 overs, 7rpo)
Abu Jayed402426-1---
Mukammel Ali402937.251----
Nabil Samad402716.751----
Alok Kapali402706.751----
Nasum Ahmed403007.5-----

Sylhet Division
8/134 2nd innings

Imtiaz Hossainc Jubair Ahmed b Saqlain Sajib139630144.44
Ruman Ahmedc Jubair Ahmed b Taijul Islam1619302084.21
Sayem Alamc Sabbir Rahman b Saqlain Sajib011000
Alok Kapalic Sanjamul Islam b Muktar Ali18182510100
Rajin Salehlbw b Saqlain Sajib1116230068.75
Golam Mabudc Saqlain Sajib b Muktar Ali3680050
Ezaz Ahmedc †Hamidul Islam b Farhad Reza44313714141.93
Nasum Ahmedc Farhad Reza b Saqlain Sajib1314160092.85
Mukammel Alinot out85701160
Nabil Samadnot out00100-
Did not batAbu Jayed
Extras8 (7w, 1nb, 3lb)
Total8/134 (20 overs, 6.7rpo)
Farhad Reza4024161----
Saqlain Sajib402847-----
Sanjamul Islam403709.252----
Taijul Islam4028172----
Mukhtar Ali401624-----
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