Delhi DEH v VID VidarbhaSyed Mushtaq Ali Trophy 2012-13 • Emerald High School Ground, Indore — 29 March 2013

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7/156 1st innings

UBT Chandc Upadhyaya b Jungade49-0044.44
Mohit Sharmac Shrivastava b Fazal4532-51140.62
J Anandrun out (Sheikh)1215-0080
Kshitiz Sharmab Jangid1511-11136.36
Milind Kumarnot out3928-22139.28
N Ranarun out (Upadhyaya)1513-01115.38
S Narwalb Jungade85-10160
P Negic Upadhyaya b Jungade12-0050
Manan Sharmanot out66-00100
Did not batP Suyal, V Tokas
Extras11 (3w, 1nb, 7lb)
Total7/156 (20 overs, 7.8rpo)
AG Jungade402736.7511---
U Yadav4032082----
SS Bandiwar302207.33-----
G Upadhyaya2020010-----
FY Fazal301715.66-----
AMI Sheikh201507.5-----
R Jangid201618-----

5/157 2nd innings

FY Fazalc †Chand b Manan Sharma5039-52128.2
AV Ubarhandeb Suyal43-10133.33
UR Patelc Narwal b Manan Sharma3426-31130.76
AV Wankhadec & b Manan Sharma1214-1085.71
R Jangidc †Chand b Tokas1611-11145.45
SU Shrivastavanot out2614-21185.71
G Upadhyayanot out77-10100
Did not batAMI Sheikh, U Yadav, AG Jungade, SS Bandiwar
Extras8 (3w, 1nb, 7lb)
Total5/157 (19 overs, 8.26rpo)
S Narwal4042010.51----
V Tokas402917.25-----
P Suyal4024162----
P Negi20200102----
N Rana10808-----
Manan Sharma403238-----
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