Rajasthan Royals RR v SRH Sunrisers HyderabadIndian Premier League 2013 • Arun Jaitley Stadium, Delhi — 21 May 2013

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Sunrisers Hyderabad
7/132 1st innings

PA Patelc Samson b Malik13-0033.33
S Dhawanc Trivedi b Faulkner3339-3084.61
GH Viharic Cooper b Malik18-0012.5
CL Whitec Cooper b Trivedi3128-50110.71
DJG Sammyrun out (sub [R Shukla]/†Yagnik)2921-03138.09
NLTC Pererac †Yagnik b Watson116-11183.33
BB Samantrayrun out (Rahane/Faulkner)1411-20127.27
KV Sharmanot out22-00100
DW Steynnot out42-00200
Did not batA Mishra, I Sharma
Extras6 (4w, 2lb)
Total7/132 (20 overs, 6.6rpo)
VS Malik301424.66-----
JP Faulkner4028171----
SR Watson4032181----
SK Trivedi401814.5-----
K Cooper4036092----
STR Binny10202-----

Rajasthan RoyalsWinner
6/135 2nd innings

R Dravidc KV Sharma b I Sharma1210-30120
AM Rahanec & b Mishra1820-0190
SR Watsonc Sammy b KV Sharma2415-50160
DH Yagnikb Sammy04-000
STR Binnyb Sammy26-0033.33
SV Samsonlbw b Steyn1021-0047.61
BJ Hodgenot out5429-25186.2
JP Faulknernot out1111-20100
Did not batVS Malik, SK Trivedi, K Cooper, R Shukla
Extras4 (4w, 2lb)
Total6/135 (19.2 overs, 6.98rpo)
DW Steyn402315.752----
I Sharma3031110.33-----
NLTC Perera301404.66-----
KV Sharma2024112-----
DJG Sammy3.202728.1-----
A Mishra411614-----
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