Abbottabad Falcons ABB v KAR Karachi ZebrasNational T20 Cup 2012-13 • Lahore City Cricket Association Ground, Lahore — 04 December 2012

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Karachi Zebras
10/135 1st innings

Rameez Azizlbw b Khalid Usman1021-1047.61
Rameez Raja (2)lbw b Ahmed Jamal43-10133.33
Fahad Iqbalc Junaid Khan b Baber Khan1110-20110
Javed Mansoorlbw b Khalid Usman126-20200
Daniyal Ahsanc Yasir Shah b Amjad Waqas3026-11115.38
Sheharyar Ghanic Junaid Khan b Khalid Usman4633-42139.39
Faraz Ahmedb Amjad Waqas35-0060
Haaris Ayazc Baber Khan b Junaid Khan99-10100
Adeel Malikrun out (Yasir Hameed)12-0050
Rumman Raeesnot out13-0033.33
Tabish Khanrun out (Junaid Khan)02-000
Extras8 (6w, 2nb)
Total10/135 (19.5 overs, 6.8rpo)
Junaid Khan3.511213.13-----
Ahmed Jamal402817-----
Baber Khan109194----
Khalid Usman402335.751----
Yasir Shah3037012.33-1---
Amjad Waqas402626.5-----

Abbottabad FalconsWinner
5/139 2nd innings

Mir Azamb Tabish Khan02-000
Hammad Alib Faraz Ahmed3533-50106.06
Yasir Hameedc †Javed Mansoor b Rumman Raees311-0027.27
Adnan Raeesb Haaris Ayaz1127-0040.74
Younis Khannot out4828-32171.42
Baber Khanc Fahad Iqbal b Haaris Ayaz1214-0085.71
Khalid Usmannot out86-10133.33
Did not batYasir Shah, Amjad Waqas, Junaid Khan, Ahmed Jamal
Extras22 (6w, 2nb)
Total5/139 (20 overs, 6.95rpo)
Tabish Khan411814.52----
Rumman Raees403017.521---
Adeel Malik403007.5-----
Faraz Ahmed402315.751----
Haaris Ayaz403027.51----
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