Lahore Eagles LAH v HYD Hyderabad HawksNational T20 Cup 2012-13 • Lahore City Cricket Association Ground, Lahore — 30 November 2012

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Lahore EaglesWinner
2/224 1st innings

Imran Farhatnot out11259-152189.83
Taufeeq Umarc †Shahzad Haider b Nasir Awais5353-60100
Azhar Alilbw b Kashif Bhatti2813-22215.38
Asif Razanot out61-01600
Did not batAdnan Akmal, Junaid Zia, Kamran Sajid, Mohammad Khalil, Raza Ali Dar, Babar Azam, Qaiser Ashraf
Extras25 (8w, 12nb, 5lb)
Total2/224 (20 overs, 11.2rpo)
Rehan Riaz303601232---
Farhan Ayub101801811---
Mir Ali2045022.5-2---
Rizwan Ahmed403308.252----
Azeem Ghumman20140711---
Kashif Bhatti403719.251----
Nasir Awais403619-----

Hyderabad Hawks
5/166 2nd innings

Azeem Ghummanc Imran Farhat b Junaid Zia2415-31160
Sharjeel Khannot out10165-67155.38
Shahzad Haiderc Qaiser Ashraf b Asif Raza03-000
Aqeel Anjumb Asif Raza1318-1072.22
Rizwan Ahmedc Taufeeq Umar b Junaid Zia13-0033.33
Lal Kumarb Babar Azam1313-01100
Mir Alinot out94-20225
Did not batFarhan Ayub, Kashif Bhatti, Nasir Awais, Rehan Riaz
Extras5 (8w, 12nb, 5lb)
Total5/166 (20 overs, 8.3rpo)
Mohammad Khalil202601311---
Junaid Zia402726.75-----
Asif Raza402125.251----
Taufeeq Umar201407-----
Raza Ali Dar3037012.33-----
Qaiser Ashraf403408.51----
Babar Azam10717-----
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