Namibia NAM v BOR BorderCSA Provincial Pro20 Competition 2012/13 2012-13 • Wanderers Cricket Ground, Windhoek — 02 March 2013

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10/69 1st innings

BL Bennettc van Schoor b Geldenhuys918-1050
S Seyibokwec van Schoor b Klazinga38-0037.5
BC de Wettb Viljoen1219-1063.15
RJ Ramoorun out (Klazinga)1221-0157.14
AM Sodumoc Viljoen b van der Westhuizen1014-0171.42
S de Kockc Groenewald b Burger24-0050
MJ Nqolost †Erasmus b BM Scholtz48-0050
GVJ Koopmanc Viljoen b Williams47-0057.14
L Mbanec Groenewald b Viljoen46-0066.66
LL Lwanab Viljoen18-0012.5
T Mnyakanot out00-00-
Extras8 (8w)
Total10/69 (18.5 overs, 3.66rpo)
HW Geldenhuys411112.75-----
L Klazinga30511.661----
SF Burger402115.25-----
C Viljoen3.51731.821----
LP van der Westhuizen10121121----
BM Scholtz20914.54----
CG Williams104141----

5/70 2nd innings

C Viljoenc Lwana b Mbane02-000
R van Schoornot out2441-1058.53
CG Williamslbw b Mbane149-11155.55
SF Burgerb Mnyaka36-0050
NRP Scholtzc Koopman b Nqolo45-1080
LP van der Westhuizenb Mbane922-0040.9
MG Erasmusnot out1112-2091.66
Did not batL Klazinga, HW Geldenhuys, BM Scholtz, S Groenewald
Extras5 (8w)
Total5/70 (16 overs, 4.37rpo)
L Mbane301133.66-----
LL Lwana101001021---
MJ Nqolo401513.75-----
T Mnyaka301214-----
S de Kock301505-----
GVJ Koopman20502.5-----
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