Nondescripts Cricket Club NON v SAR Saracens Sports ClubSri Lanka Domestic T20 2011-12 • Colts Cricket Club Ground, Colombo — 29 March 2012

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Nondescripts Cricket ClubWinner
10/114 1st innings

UDU Chandanac Amarasinghe b Silva86-10133.33
WU Tharangast †Weerasinghe b Dushantha99-01100
CK Kapugederalbw b Mendis2321-30109.52
J Mubarakc Lakmal b Silva58-0062.5
DS Weerakkodyc Lakmal b Dushantha1921-1090.47
AK Pereranot out3331-21106.45
KY de Silvarun out (Kavinda)46-0066.66
MF Maharoofc Rathika b Mendis510-0050
SL Malingast †Weerasinghe b Mendis62-01300
RJI Udayangac Rathika b Aslam02-000
SCD Boralessab Aslam02-000
Extras2 (1w, 1b)
Total10/114 (19.4 overs, 5.79rpo)
WHLD Fernando402205.5-----
GPSK Silva302227.33-----
S Dushantha4020251----
YAN Mendis402235.5-----
MWLS Lakmal10707-----
MNM Aslam3.402025.45-----

Saracens Sports Club
10/71 2nd innings

DH Sandagirigodab Malinga01-000
GK Amarasingheb Malinga01-000
ND Kavindac Chandana b Boralessa613-1046.15
R Rathikac †Weerakkody b Chandana2323-21100
MWLS Lakmalc Mubarak b Perera1128-0039.28
S Dushanthast †Weerakkody b Perera1215-1080
MNM Aslamb Maharoof34-0075
R Weerasinghec Kapugedera b Perera25-0040
GPSK Silvanot out04-000
YAN Mendisb Malinga22-00100
WHLD Fernandob Malinga01-000
Extras12 (1w, 1b)
Total10/71 (16 overs, 4.43rpo)
SL Malinga301143.6621---
MF Maharoof301715.661----
SCD Boralessa301113.66-----
UDU Chandana301515-----
AK Perera401533.75-----
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