Kurunegala Youth Cricket Club KUR v LAN Lankan Cricket ClubSri Lanka Domestic T20 2011-12 • Royal College Ground, Colombo — 27 March 2012

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Kurunegala Youth Cricket Club
7/167 1st innings

VWAG Maneshanc DSD Weerasinghe b Gajasinghe2319-40121.05
WCS Kumarac Pathirana b DRF Weerasinghe4432-80137.5
GSK de Silvab DRF Weerasinghe4020-33200
WCR Tisserab V Perera3425-13136
RPUA Rajapaksec Gajasinghe b Jeewantha36-0050
AW Ekanayakec †Hunukumbura b Jeewantha01-000
EMCD Edirisingheb DRF Weerasinghe03-000
MVD Pereranot out1813-20138.46
MBS Kodamullagenot out01-000
Did not batA Premaratne, PMPDR Mahawatte
Extras5 (3w, 1lb, 1b)
Total7/167 (20 overs, 8.35rpo)
V Perera403418.53----
S Perera403107.75-----
PASS Jeewantha403027.5-----
KP Gajasinghe3031110.33-----
DN Pathirana1014014-----
DRF Weerasinghe402536.25-----

Lankan Cricket ClubWinner
6/170 2nd innings

DN Hunukumburac Ekanayake b Rajapakse33-00100
DN Pathiranac †de Silva b Perera108-20125
WWP Tarakac Rajapakse b Premaratne5037-33135.13
SAP Ranasuriyac Mahawatte b Edirisinghe1613-11123.07
CG Wijesinghec Tissera b Premaratne3628-41128.57
PASS Jeewanthanot out3216-13200
DSD Weerasinghec & b Premaratne13-0033.33
V Pereranot out149-11155.55
Did not batDRF Weerasinghe, S Perera, KP Gajasinghe
Extras8 (3w, 1lb, 1b)
Total6/170 (19.3 overs, 8.71rpo)
RPUA Rajapakse403218-----
MVD Perera2021110.51----
AW Ekanayake403408.51----
EMCD Edirisinghe401914.75-----
A Premaratne30303102----
PMPDR Mahawatte2025012.5-----
WCR Tissera0.306012-----
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