Burgher Recreation Club BUR v PSC Police Sports ClubSri Lanka Domestic T20 2011-12 • Bloomfield Cricket and Athletic Club Ground, Colombo — 26 March 2012

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Police Sports Club
10/112 1st innings

PR Nirmalst †Asker b Madusanka3326-32126.92
RGD Sanjeewab Madusanka139-30144.44
HUK de Silvac Magage b Madusanka55-10100
SA Wijeratnec Chandrasiri b Solomons1012-0083.33
MMP Kumarab Magage12-0050
PHKS Nirmalarun out (Perera/†Asker)610-0060
HM Jayawardenec & b Abeyratne811-0072.72
S Pushpakumarac Perera b Solomons37-0042.85
RSKAP Dilanthab Solomons69-0066.66
DS Auwardtnot out511-0045.45
WCK Ramanayakest †Asker b Perera1115-0173.33
Extras11 (5w, 6lb)
Total10/112 (19.3 overs, 5.74rpo)
AD Solomons402135.253----
CAM Madusanka402135.25-----
K Magage4024162----
NANN Perera3.302818-----
WT Abeyratne401213-----

Burgher Recreation ClubWinner
5/113 2nd innings

AD Solomonsrun out (de Silva)1411-20127.27
K Magagec Kumara b Jayawardene1218-2066.66
HKDVN Chandrasiric †Nirmala b Jayawardene12-0050
NANN Pereranot out2621-21123.8
WMMWEV Gangodarun out (Auwardt)97-10128.57
WT Abeyratneb Auwardt2311-12209.09
C Thirimannenot out229-03244.44
Did not batHSM Zoysa, CAM Madusanka, WKG Dilruk, MAM Asker
Extras6 (5w, 6lb)
Total5/113 (13.1 overs, 8.58rpo)
WCK Ramanayake402506.25-----
HM Jayawardene401924.75-----
RGD Sanjeewa2022011-----
DS Auwardt2027113.5-----
RSKAP Dilantha10150152----
MMP Kumara0.10106-----
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