Panadura Sports Club PAN v SLA Sri Lanka ArmySri Lanka Domestic T20 2011-12 • Colts Cricket Club Ground, Colombo — 26 March 2012

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Sri Lanka Army
10/67 1st innings

HHR Kavingac GAS Perera b DRS Perera610-1060
SL Jayawardenec MMDR Cooray b de Silva913-1069.23
RDIA Karunathilakarun out (de Silva)12-0050
HHM de Zoysab Umayanga1341-0031.7
KC Prasadb GAS Perera34-0075
TDT Soysarun out (WLR Perera/†Massalage)11-00100
S Prasannast †Massalage b MNR Cooray03-000
DKRC Jayatissast †Massalage b GAS Perera26-0033.33
AJC Silvac MTP Fernando b MNR Cooray04-000
WR Pallegurugest †Massalage b Umayanga2422-31109.09
PKNMK Rathnayakenot out44-00100
Extras4 (1w, 2lb, 1b)
Total10/67 (18.2 overs, 3.65rpo)
HDN de Silva411012.5-----
DRS Perera402315.751----
GAS Perera40822-----
MNR Cooray40922.25-----
S Umayanga1.20725.25-----
MTP Fernando10707-----

Panadura Sports ClubWinner
6/71 2nd innings

MAUT Munasinghec Jayatissa b Rathnayake139-30144.44
ULKD Fernandorun out (†Soysa)1318-2072.22
I Massalagec Jayawardene b Jayatissa110-0010
MMDR Coorayst †Soysa b Prasanna712-1058.33
S Umayanganot out2020-01100
MNR Coorayc & b Rathnayake1322-2059.09
GAS Pererac †Soysa b Rathnayake02-000
HDN de Silvanot out00-000
Did not batMTP Fernando, WLR Perera, DRS Perera
Extras4 (1w, 2lb, 1b)
Total6/71 (15.2 overs, 4.63rpo)
PKNMK Rathnayake401834.51----
AJC Silva10909-----
DKRC Jayatissa401313.25-----
S Prasanna401413.5-----
WR Palleguruge2.201506.42-1---
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